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Honoring those who have gone before us

I recently recognized a day of remembrance for my Dad, who passed away two weeks shy of his 90th birthday three years ago on October 27, 2010. As the youngest of four, and the one who most resembled him, I … Continue reading

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How to never work another day in your life

Pretty catchy title, hunh? I’m spending a lot of time these days with a family of three eleven year-old triplets. Each day is truly a revelation with these bright, energetic, and fun kids. Last night, the question on the table … Continue reading

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Are you running on empty, or just running?

Running. It’s a word that has come up often in my life these past few months. I was running like crazy to get things in order to move across country. Then I was literally running on gas to make the … Continue reading

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Sharing Your Passion

I’ve just returned from a week-long trip to the Washington, DC area. While I was able to stay long enough to spend time with family and friends, the main purpose for going was to attend the WIAL-USA (World Institute for … Continue reading

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