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Life and Leadership

You know how your brain works and sees things a certain way? I’m a quilter, and I frequently see quilt patterns in everyday things like floor tiles. As a student of leadership, I see leadership in everyday situations in nature. … Continue reading

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Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning

There is an understanding in the learning and development field that often learning requires ‘unlearning’. We’ve all experienced it. Perhaps as a child, you learned a particular way of holding a golf club, but when seeking professional lessons, are advised … Continue reading

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Achieving your Goal

What goals have you set for yourself? Have you achieved them? Making progress? I have set many goals for myself to achieve in the coming months. Happily, I can report that the first one has been successfully completed. I have … Continue reading

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Nearing the End of the Road

As I sit here tonight, I have one more day of my cross country road trip. We’ve passed through the Rockies, the prairies, and now are in a terrain that feels like home to me. We stopped for the night … Continue reading

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Past the Continental Divide

When planning for my move West, I thought driving would make for a better transition than a five hour plane ride. I was so right! As I write this, we are nine days into our eleven day trip. I feel … Continue reading

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Family, Nature and Fun!

After a week on the road, Jackson provided a day of rejuvenation for me. Not only were we able to spend a day off the road, but we were fortunate to have some family time while we enjoyed the beauty … Continue reading

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Such a great country

Still reveling in the beauty of the Badlands, the majesty of seeing my four heroes immortalized in Mt. Rushmore, and the awe inspiring mysticism of Devils Tower, what more could one expect? Well, this country never disappoints. We left Gillette, … Continue reading

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The Long and Winding Road

It’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance to write and share my journey with you. Many miles have been traversed over the past few days, many smiles, many stories, and many fabulous sights our country has to … Continue reading

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Yes, you CAN get satisfaction!

Day 2 of our roadtrip. The only thing on our agenda for the day was to visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or the Rock Hall, as the locals call it. From the moment you arrive, you know you are … Continue reading

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On the road again…Willie Nelson

Today was the end of a very long month of seemingly endless work getting my house prepared for sale and myself and my belongings ready for our move West. The closing on my house took just 45 minutes. That must … Continue reading

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