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It’s always the leader

It's always the leader. Advertisements

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What makes a Great Leader?

Sitting having coffee with a colleague today, I was told “Andrea, you’re a leader.” Very nice, thank you. Later today, I was flipping through several trade magazines, getting caught up on the news. On page after page, the word leadership … Continue reading

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The Teacher Learns Too

In my profession, developing others is what I do. Whether it’s development of leaders at the senior level, or managers just beginning their careers. I am responsible for creating an environment that is a safe place to learn. Students can … Continue reading

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Where are those moments of inspiration?

Saturday morning near Washington, DC.  My ‘other’ Washington since returning to Seattle. It’s a beautiful, relatively cool Saturday for DC on June 22. I’m just waking up and having my first quiet moment of reflection all week. Is that why … Continue reading

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Can you go home again?

I sit here tonight, on the eve of returning to Maryland/DC for a week of work. It’s been just over one month since I started my journey West, yet it feels like a lifetime ago. It’s hard to believe all … Continue reading

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A journey worth traveling requires tending

It’s been almost a week since my last blog. That tells me it’s been a busy one. Yes, I’ve settled in and life is moving along. After the excitement of the road, and the initial excitement about arriving back in … Continue reading

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Rejection, learn to take and accept it

I was reminded yesterday of the lesson of rejection. A very bright and lovely relative is in search of a new job. She is facing what most of us face in that process: rejection, and plenty of it. It has … Continue reading

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