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Reminding, Renewing, Revising

I’ve been spending this week in the California high desert near Joshua Tree National Park. This landscape changes you. Its raw beauty, silence, and rugged peacefulness make an incredible respite from life in the city. You can think here. You … Continue reading

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Questions really do make all the difference

I had the opportunity to meet with other action learning professionals. Even though I’ve been coaching action learning for more than 7 years, served on the WIAL board of directors for almost that long, and have worked with countless people, … Continue reading

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Are you Asking the Right Questions?

Some of my previous posts have discussed, or alluded to, my work with action learning, specifically, the WIAL method of action learning. One of the critical elements of this method, and in my opinion what makes it such a vital … Continue reading

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Opportunities to get certified as an action learning coach

Good morning, I don’t normally use my blog space for plugging opportunities, but as your 2014 budget review time approaches, I thought you might want to know about opportunities to be certified as an action learning coach. Many of you … Continue reading

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Launching Andrea Cole Consulting, LLC!

So excited! Today, July 29th, I’ve launched my official company website:

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Making a difference and loving it!

Some days I think I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I have found work that is not only satisfying, exemplifies who I am, and makes a difference in both organizations and the people who work there. The bulk of … Continue reading

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What makes a Great Leader?

Sitting having coffee with a colleague today, I was told “Andrea, you’re a leader.” Very nice, thank you. Later today, I was flipping through several trade magazines, getting caught up on the news. On page after page, the word leadership … Continue reading

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The Teacher Learns Too

In my profession, developing others is what I do. Whether it’s development of leaders at the senior level, or managers just beginning their careers. I am responsible for creating an environment that is a safe place to learn. Students can … Continue reading

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Life and Leadership

You know how your brain works and sees things a certain way? I’m a quilter, and I frequently see quilt patterns in everyday things like floor tiles. As a student of leadership, I see leadership in everyday situations in nature. … Continue reading

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