What is Action Learning?


Organizations deal with problems, external and frequently internal, that inhibit effectiveness and productivity of the mission. Often, problems go unresolved, or resurface, because the symptom is addressed rather than the real problem. When this occurs, the problem never truly goes away and over time, has a negative impact on the organization.

Action Learning solves problems and develops leaders simultaneously because its simple rules force participants to think critically and work collaboratively. The group’s coach, a certified Action Learning coach, while remaining outside of the problem solving, stays focused on learning opportunities of the team members. Action Learning participants become effective leaders as they solve difficult problems.

Action learning is a proven tool using inquiry to uncover the true source of a problem and develop sustainable and actionable solutions. A team of individuals ask questions of one another, under the guidance of a learning coach, to gain clarity and a common understanding of the real problem. This knowledge sharing allows for effective solutions to emerge.

Action learning does far more than just resolve problems. This approach fosters teamwork, trust, respect, systems thinking and leadership competencies. Action Learning is used across the globe in Fortune 500 companies, non-profits and government entities. A few examples are Novartis, Boeing, Microsoft, American Red Cross, the US Department of Agriculture, and Siemens.


During the engagement, we will work on real, urgent problems the organization is facing.

One Day Executive Team Workshop (Leading with Questions)

One day workshop with Executive Team. During this workshop, leaders learn the power of questions and how to use them to transform their team effectiveness, communication, and achieve culture change.

2-Day Introduction to Action Learning

Two day interactive workshop where participants learn the elements of action learning and have ample opportunity to apply it, solving real problems they face in their work.

Multiple Sessions

This format allows organizations to incorporate action learning into their organization, using its power to solve organizational problems.

Under the guidance of a certified action learning coach:

  1. One 1 hour meeting with Action Learning coach and key stakeholders to discuss purpose and scope of engagement.
  2. One 2-4 hour introduction to Action Learning training session conducted by Action Learning coach.

Coaching Certification

wial_logo_150 (2)

As one of three Senior Action Learning Coaches in the United States, certified by the World Institute for Action Learning, I am able to conduct certification programs for individuals who wish to become certified action learning coaches.  Courses can be offered as open enrollment public courses, or internal to a specific organization.

I’d love to talk more and share my passion for action learning with you!

Feel free to contact me at acolellc@gmail.com or at http://www.colecoach.com.



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