Standing your Ground

Let’s face it. Life isn’t always easy. We face challenges, large and small every day. We have to make decisions every day. When we choose our path, we’re bound to find those who doubt, resist, or try to diminish us. When this happens, we must stand our ground! We are the only ones who know what is best for us, what fulfills us, where our passions lie.

When I first embarked on my journey West, I received resistance mostly from my family – good intentioned resistance. They love me. They want me around.  I understood, and it did delay my actions for a bit. But those who supported my dreams were by far, greater in numbers and helped me soldier on. I knew what I had to do. I had no doubts. So, I stood my ground and kept moving ahead with my plan.

Over the past 17 months, as I’ve resettled into life in Seattle, I’ve faced a regular amount of resistance. Sometimes it was internal, coming from my own doubts and fears. Sometimes it was from a co-worker with less than honorable intentions. But through it all, I kept my vision, I remained true to myself, and I simply kept focusing on the future; one step, one day at a time.

And it continues to work out! What I envisioned for my life has all come true! Some days it astounds me, but mostly I’m grateful. Grateful for my amazing friends who supported me in a myriad of ways. Grateful for my family, who through it all, have been there for me and proud for what I’ve accomplished. Grateful for new friends, new love, new adventures that have entered my life.

Yes, I’ve stood my ground. I knew what I needed to do. And, oh, the bliss of it all!




About Andrea Cole

Four years ago, I followed my dreams and my heart by quitting my job, selling my home, and moving myself back to Seattle from Washington, DC. I didn't know how things would turn out, but I knew whatever life held in store for me, it was going to be in Seattle. And what a ride it has been! I now help others live their lives through rewarding career and meaningful retirement coaching. My website is
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2 Responses to Standing your Ground

  1. Andrea – You are so lovely, inspiring and are showing others, day by beautiful day, they too can create the life they’ve only dreamed of! Keep writing! Angie M

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