Do what you cannot not do

I am a developer of others. Whether it’s developing and delivering training for new managers, leading executives through a culture change, helping senior leaders enhance their leadership skills, or mentoring a young person as they enter the working world. It’s not what I do. It’s who I am. I was at a conference recently and the speaker said, “Do what you cannot not do”. That really resonated with me. It clearly states what I’ve long since discovered about myself. Organization Development isn’t my profession. It’s my passion, my essence, who I am.

I love this field. It feeds the people I help, and it feeds me. In a way, it’s like the paying it forward theory. For each person or organization I help, I learn and grow too. People ask me how long I’ve ‘worked’ in this profession. My answer is always, “I haven’t worked a day since beginning this journey”. It simply isn’t work. It’s the thing I cannot not do.


About Andrea Cole

I am living the good life in beautiful Seattle, WA as a leadership development consultant and career development coach, helping individuals grow their careers, seek new ones, or land new jobs at
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