I’ll Follow the Sun…Paul McCartney

I’ve been here in the Pacific Northwest for a week now, showing it off to my friend Theresa. Throughout the week, we have kept a close eye on the weather, planning each day’s excursion based on where the sun will be that day. We drove the Cascade Loop to Leavenworth and found the sun. We went to downtown Seattle’s Pike Place Market for a taste. Yes, wherever sun was predicted, we followed. Theresa has heard me wax eternal about the beauty of Mt. Rainier, and yet that lovely mountain has been hiding behind a thick blanket of clouds. Today, based on the weather forecast once again, we took a calculated risk and drove the two plus hours to the mountain. All the way, we’re looking for any sign of her. Then, alas, we arrive at Paradise and there she is in all her glory. Yes, the mountain was out as we say here in Seattle. Freshly fallen snow blanketed the mountain and fresh powder made hiking and cross country skiing fans ecstatic. It was a beautiful day.

I couldn’t help but see this week as representative of my journey to this place. I had faith, took risks, and followed the sun West to Seattle. Any fears? Absolutely! Any doubts? None whatsoever. I am where I belong. I sit here now, writing this blog looking west at a gorgeous sunset over the Olympic mountains. All gold and deep purples. No, I have no doubts. My life is here. My destiny is here. I have followed the sun. Have you?


About Andrea Cole

Four years ago, I followed my dreams and my heart by quitting my job, selling my home, and moving myself back to Seattle from Washington, DC. I didn't know how things would turn out, but I knew whatever life held in store for me, it was going to be in Seattle. And what a ride it has been! I now help others live their lives through rewarding career and meaningful retirement coaching. My website is www.colecoach.com
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