Family, Nature and Fun!

After a week on the road, Jackson provided a day of rejuvenation for me. Not only were we able to spend a day off the road, but we were fortunate to have some family time while we enjoyed the beauty of the Teton Mountains. My eldest brother lives in Jackson and is a guide for Wildlife Expeditions. As such, he knows the Jackson/Yellowstone area like the back of his hand. He picked us up this morning for a day driving around the area to his favorite spots. It was too late to catch the early risers such as bear, but those we spotted were still a treat: red tailed hawk, sandhill crane, and elk. My brother is a great storyteller and his head is full of knowledge about everything to do with nature and Jackson. So the day was a delightful mix of exploring nature, talking family, and just enjoying all this gorgeous corner of the world has to offer. Spending time with family was, for me, particularly wonderful. It was nice to touch base with family and reconnect with who I am. My nephew lives here too and we had a delightful afternoon with him. There’s never a dull moment with him and his energy and humor were a delight. Three of my favorite things in life, that fill my soul and make me feel happy and whole are family, nature and humor. Today provided all three in spades.

As I’ve traveled West on this journey, I’ve had moments where I stopped and questioned my decision. However, today, in the peace and quiet of nature and experiencing the West again, my doubts were banished. I belong here where people slow down, care for one another and the Earth. Where nature is an ever-present part of the landscape and the air is fresh. I’ve always said my soul soars in Seattle, and that feeling has started to grow here while enjoying all this beautiful scenery. Standing atop Signal Mountain, looking down at the valley floor and the mountains that surround it, I could feel a peace returning to me that had been missing for so long. Yes, I am a western girl! I’m coming back and I plan to stay.

At Jackson Town Square

At Jackson Town Square



About Andrea Cole

Four years ago, I followed my dreams and my heart by quitting my job, selling my home, and moving myself back to Seattle from Washington, DC. I didn't know how things would turn out, but I knew whatever life held in store for me, it was going to be in Seattle. And what a ride it has been! I now help others live their lives through rewarding career and meaningful retirement coaching. My website is
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